Thursday, 23 December 2010

4th session of Module 1

Salam everyone,

Just wanna share the pictures of last session on 18th December 2010. The session started off with a quick recap of the previous session where those who were absent got the chance to 'play' with the ribbon streamers (sing & move) & also sing along to 'If You're Happy & You Know It' to express/explore feelings.

The real session on that day was about tastes, i.e sweet & sour plus a little bit of alphabets tracing (letter 'Aa' & 'Bb') & also colouring. The objectives for the session were:

1- For children to be able to move the robbon streamers left & right, up & down (physical skill: large motor);
2- For children to be able to trace letters (physical skill: fine motor); and
3- For children to be able to identify their taste buds (thinking skill: understanding concept).

Here's when the children were having fun tracing & colouring the letters 'Aa' & 'Bb'...

Everybody were in full concentration & proudly showed their results afterwards...

Ribbon's in the air, in the air....shake, shake, shake.....

Apple was sweet, orange was sour, everybody was here to play & meet, & have fun in just an hour!!...lalalala...

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cancellation of sessions

Salaam parents & little khalifahs,

Just wanna make a short announcement that sessions on 25th December 2010 & 1st January 2011 would be cancelled as they fall on Public Holidays. Hoped you would still be able to enjoy the remaining of the school holidays & perhaps get ready to go to your day care/kindy. Insya Allah session would resume as  usual on 8th January 2011.
Although we will not have any session on those dates, we are still open for trial session...especially on this coming 25th December. As at now, 2 spots had been booked. So parents & little khalifahs out still have time to book yours too. The more the merrier!!...    

Last but not least, we would like to wish you happy holidays & take care. May ALLAH The Almighty bless us all wherever we are.....

Friday, 17 December 2010

Session on 18th December 2010

Salaam parents & little khalifahs,

Ready to come for our session tomorrow? This week we would explore tastes around us - sweet & sour in particular. Be prepared to do a lot of tasting tomorrow, ya...!.... Session would start at minus 5 minutes, so be on time... 

Just a reminder for everybody, this is the list for Group 1 again...

1- Sarah Athirah (Athirah)
2- Qashrina Farhana (Hana)
3- Nur Damia Khaleela (Damia)
4- Iman Suffiya Zahra (Iman)
5- Amira Sabrina (Amira)
6- Ahmad Eiman Raziin (Eiman)
7- Nur Elisha Nuha (Elisha)
8. Nur Aliah Syuhada (Aliah)
9. Hadif Imran (Hadif)
10. Muhammad Adam (Adam)
Can't wait to see you you guys there tomorrow....

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

3rd session of Module 1

Salaam everyone,

How time really flies, ya?!! Now we're fast approaching the 4th session of Module 1...

But the attendance for the last session was quite disappointing as there were only 5 little khalifahs turned up. May be because Teacher Fiza forgot to text & remind everybody about the session. Or perhaps everybody has really got something planned in advance. 

Anyway, just a gentle notification for parents & little khalifahs...each session would go on as usual even without Teacher Fiza texting everybody unless there'll be a cancellation. So please frequently go to our page on FB or come here to this blog for any latest updates ya.... Thanking you in advance for your kind understanding & cooperation......

So for those who missed the session last week, here's a little recap of what the rest had done...
  The little khalifahs were exploring the feelings within by singing 'If You Happy & You Know it', making faces & finally made their own smiley sad & happy faces by drawing the expression on the paper plate...

Then they had fun playing, singing & moving the ribbon streamers. they also managed to make a line out of it & stand straight in a line....yeayy!!
The objectives for this session were:

1- For children to be able to identify antonyms, i.e happy & sad (language skill: listening);

2- Move ribbon streamers & walk straight along a line of ribbon streamers 
(physical skill: large motor);

3- Identify own feelings - happy, sad, angry etc (emotional skill: understanding feeling).
So what's in store for the next session? Tungggggguuuuu...

Friday, 10 December 2010

Session on 11th December 2010

Salam parents &little khalifahs,

Insya Allah our session will go on as usual at 10.00AM. This week we are about to explore our feelings under the theme 'What's on My Face?'. So little not be late ya...    

Little khalifah in Group 1 for this session are:

1- Sarah Athirah (Athirah)
2- Qashrina Farhana (Hana)
3- Nur Damia Khaleela (Damia)
4- Iman Suffiya Zahra (Iman)
5- Amira Sabrina (Amira)
6- Ahmad Eiman Raziin (Eiman)
7- Nur Elisha Nuha (Elisha)
8. Nur Aliah Syuhada (Aliah)
9. Hadif Imran (Hadif)
10. Muhammad Adam (Adam)
There would also be a trial session with the fee of RM25 for 1 hour. We only left with 3 more spots to be filled in, so do not miss out the chance!!

Can't wait to see all of you then...

2nd session of Module 1

Salaam everyone,

Thousand apologies for posting about our second session this late. Anyway, it was double the fun last week as we also had a small birthday party for the little khalifah MUHAMMAD ADAM...alhamdulillahhh, Adam is already 3 years old. Let's have a look at what Teacher Fiza had prepared for Adam & also the others...

...chocolate develish cake with cream cheese frosting & chocolate ganache...    

And now let's recap the session on that day...

The objectives...
By the end of the session, children should be able to:
1-      Point to body parts upon request (language skill: listening);
2-      Identify body parts by following instructions in the song for movements (language skill: labelling);
3-      March rhythmically to music (physical skill: physical motor);
4-      Hold crayons with thumb & forefinger ((physical skill: fine motor); and
5-      Share materials with other children (social skill: negotiating).
There were not many pictures taken during the session as Teacher Fiza forgot to bring her camera...*sigh..

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Upcoming trial session

Salam everyone,

We gladly announce that there will be a trial session for those parents & little khalifahs who would like to have a feel first of what ALIMKids playgroup is all about. 

The details are: 

Date: 11th December 2010 (Saturday).

Time: 11.15AM.

Venue: ALIMKids Playgroup WM @ 
Mom's Little Ones WM.

The fee for this trial session is only RM25 (for 1 hour). There are still 4 more spots available, so please hurry & book your spot now by contacting Teacher Fiza.

Really looking forward to meeting you there, Insya Allah...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Salaam everyone,

Hope it's not too late to wish everybody SALAM MAAL HIJRAH 1432...may whatever good deeds done in the past year be accepted & let's start this brand new year with more good deeds for everyone to benefit from it. 

We in ALIMKids Playgroup Wangsa Maju personally did not expect to set up here & have YOU with us, supporting us. Masya Allah...& for that, THANKS A GAZILLION!!..    

May Allah s.w.t bestow us with HIS rahmah & barakah throughout the year, give us strength to continue what we are doing in instilling tauhid & Islamic values in our little khalifahs & bless us all to continue our good deeds to the society in general...AMEEN.

And for ALIMKids little khalifahs, we hope to do  'something special' with you guys in conjunction with the New Year 1432H in the upcoming session this weekend......Can't wait to see you already!!     

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Class on 4th December 2010

Salam parents & little khalifahs,

The second session of Module 1 Insya Allah will be on this weekend, 4th December 2010. We would be learning about our body under the theme 'My Body is My Buddy'. Get yourself ready as we will be doing a lot of bodily movements & definitely having a lot of fun too...=)

So here's the little khalifahs that would be in the group:

1- Sarah Athirah (Athirah)
2- Qashrina Farhana (Hana)
3- Nur Damia Khaleela (Damia)
4- Iman Suffiya Zahra (Iman)
5- Amira Sabrina (Amira)
6- Ahmad Eiman Raziin (Eiman)
7- Nur Elisha Nuha (Elisha)
8. Nur Aliah Syuhada (Aliah)
9. Hadif Imran (Hadif)
10. Muhammad Adam (Adam)

With that list, we would gladly inform that Group 1 has already been successfully set up. But worry not, other parents & little khalifahs...Group 2 would Insya Allah be set up as soon as we have 3 or more little khalifahs to join...   

Trial sessions would also be conducted with at least 3 kids. It would be RM25/session. Kindly let us know if you need one.

So little khalifahs in Group 1...come early with extra nice outfit for this Saturday as "something" special awaits you at the end of the session...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Salaam everyone.

Don't have any plan for this weekend yet? Come to our Jumble Sale then...right after our playgroup session that is......

It is organised by UmmikuSayang Charity Team in collaboration with TM (Telekom Malaysia)'s BAKIT Helwa. Come and shop with us. Lots of pre-loved items in good, almost-new conditions for children and adults. Membeli sambil menderma :-)

See you there, ya...

ALIMKids Bookshop School Holidays Programmes

Salaam everyone,'s school holidays now & already in December. So how has the break benefited your children and you so far? With the availability of many school holidays programmes, I'm sure parents & children have choices to choose from according to their respective needs.

In conjunction with that, ALIMKids Bookshop has a row of programmes that would be suitable for your children. Take a look at the flyers below....

 Reading & communicative English programmes...

Science Camp...

ALIM Teens...

So parents, anything you find suitable for your children? Kindly contact us at the number given to book your slot. 

May the programmes will enrich our children's experiences & processes of growing up to be excellent khalifahs of Allah, Insya Allah...