Monday, 29 November 2010

1st week of Module 1 (Myself)

Salaam everyone,

Alhamdulillah we managed to carry out the 1st session last Saturday, 27th November 2010. We also had 2 more little khalifahs joining the 1st group, made it all 9 in the group (1 was absent, so just 8 left).

Here's a recap of what we did for the 1st week of Module 1.

The theme of the week was I am Special.  

Objectives of the session:
By the end of the session, children should be able to:
1-      Follow two-steps direction (language skill: listening);
2-      Listen attentively to stories & group conversations (language skill: listening);
3-      Tell own names (language skill: labelling);
4-      Peel stickers (physical skill: small/small motor); and
5-      Share materials with other children (social/emotional skill: negotiating). 
It is glad to note that most little khalifahs were able to achieve most of the objectives above despite of a tiny hiccups (song didn't come out as planned, for example) here & there.
For art & craft session, the little khalifahs made their own name plaque using stickers. And they definitely had fun in doing so...  
 Top: Ahmad Eiman with his name plaque.
Middle: the name plaques from the little khalifahs.
Bottom: Athirah with her name plaque.
 Little khalifahs & mommies busy finishing their name plaques...
For individual photos, please check out the ALIMkids Wangsa Maju page in FB ya...
Hugs & kisses from,
Teacher Fiza.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Onboard in the first group

Salaam parents & little khalifahs,

Insya Allah the first session of Module 1 (Myself) commences this Saturday (27th Nov), at 10.00AM. The topic for this week is I am Special. So little khalifahs, wake up early ya...    

Little khalifahs in the group are:

1- Sarah Athirah (Athirah)
2- Qashrina Farhana (Hana)
3- Nur Damia Khaleela (Damia)
4- Iman Suffiya Zahra (Iman)
5- Amira Sabrina (Amira)
6- Ahmad Eiman Raziin (Eiman)
7- Nur Elisha Nuha (Elisha)

We have only one more spot left in Group 1, so please hurry & book your spot now. Group 2 will start when there are 3 or more little khalifahs registered for Module 1. 

Hope to see the rest of you at ALIMKids Wangsa Maju soon...   

Monday, 22 November 2010


Salaam everyone,

There's a slight mistake about the fees mentioned earlier.

For parents & little khalifahs joining for the first time, there would be RM100 registration fee (paid only once for all 6 modules). The fee will cover ALIMKids t-shirt, materials during the lessons & also snacks at the end of each lesson. 

For parents who have the registration fee initially paid at a different centre but now move to ours at Wangsa Maju, you are required to pay for RM50only.

Another RM200 will be charged for each module. It will cover 8 lessons plus another 1 for certificate presentation once a module is completed.

Therefore, for parents who have paid RM200 for the module, you would still have another RM100 to be paid for the registration. 

Hope it's all clear about the fees... 

Hope to see you there too as the registration is still open!!...

Thursday, 18 November 2010

ALIMKids Wangsa Maju... the map to the location

Salaam everyone,

For those who are still unsure of our location, please refer to the map below...

Hope to see you there soon!!...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Salam Aidil Adha

Just wanna wish everybody...

And drive safe for those who are heading back to your hometown...=)

The registration is still open!!

Yesss...the registration is still open!!

And you can register online!


First, just email me:

1- your name, your husband's & your kid's;
2- your address, telephone number & email; and
3- your kid's date of birth.

Secondly, call or text me for banking in the fee of which I'll give 
the account no. later.

Then, bank in the money, get the slip & notify me via email or just text me.

Finally, come to the first session on this 27th Nov, show me the slip & I'll issue 
the payment receipt and you & your kid can straightaway join the class!!...     

If you want to have a trial lesson first before you could really enrol your kid, you can still come to the session conducted at the time specified later to have a look & 
get familiar with the environment.

The fee for each trial session in RM25.

You are always welcomed onboard!!... 

So, come & experience it with us now!...

Monday, 15 November 2010

The real PREVIEW...

Salaam everyone...

Alhamdulillah...the preview was successfully done last Saturday though it started a bit later than scheduled. Thank you for all the support.

 It was held here @ Mom's Little Ones (MLO) Wangsa Maju.

Activities during the preview...

The first class will start on 27th November with six students confirmed so far. 
We still have two more places, so please hurry to book yours...=)

For more & clearer pictures, please search for ALIMKids Wangsa Maju fan page in FB &
feel free to tag yourself. 

Once again, a VERY BIG THANK YOU for those who had come to the preview last Saturday.
Together we will shape the characters of our children to become a good Khalifah, Insya Allah...

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Preview

Salaam everyone,
Do not miss the playgroup preview this Saturday at the said location (please refer to the address at the side bar).
Here's the agenda for the day...=)

10.30AM - Arrival of parents & 
little Khalifahs

10.45AM - A short briefing on 
ALIMKids Playgroup

11.00AM - Demonstration of a part 
of a lesson

11.30AM - Q & A session

12.30PM - Session dismiss

We would also have books  & CDs for sales ==> story books, activity books, novels etc.

And there will also be light refreshments provided for parents & little Khalifahs.

So, do not miss this chance! Let us all come together & be a part of it.....=)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

ALIMKids Playgroup will be @ IIUM Gombak

Salaam everyone, 

FYI, ALIMKids Playgroup will be at a seminar organised by Saifulislam Training & Consultancy. 
The details are:

Date: 6th November 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Auditorium Utama, Fakulti Kejuruteraan, IIUM Gombak.

We will be having a booth selling Islamic books for children & also a promotion on soon-to-be-opening ALIMKids Playgroup at Wangsa Maju.  
So, let's come together to make the events a success...=)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

ALIMKids...the playgroup

As stated in the profile, the playgroup is specially designed for children aged 2 - 4 years old, to learn in a fun way. The principle behind the curriculum is based on the Khalifah Method. The Khalifah Method was founded by Prof. Dr. Muhammad al'Mahdi. He designed this method to provide parents and teachers with a very simple method to help them raise children of excellent character who can succeed academically, socially, and professionally in today’s world without losing their traditional Islamic beliefs and practices.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad al'Mahdi.

There are three simple principle of the Khalifah Method

1. Teach children to understand and love their responsibilities as Khalifah of Allah.

2. Give lots of warm and loving praises for the good things children do and good characteristics they show.

3. Set firm, reasonable rules and enforce those rules consistently with kind discipline 
(i.e without harshness).

All these principles are reflected in the ALIMKids syllabus...

ALIMKids Playgroup is opening in Wangsa Maju!!!

Salaam everyone,

ALHAMDULILLAH.....ALIMKids Playgroup will be opening in Wangsa Maju soon. 

Do come to the preview on Saturday, 13th November 2010...
at 10.30am. 

Our location is as stated at the side bar (next to Carrefour hypermarket).

See you there...!!

-Teacher Fiza-