Thursday, 12 May 2011

How not to yell at your kids?

Assalamualaikum parents & everyone,

I bet dealing with our kids everyday, especially toddlers, are fun. They will always have something to say, to do, to explore & to experiment. Those are the things that can make our day, cheer us up or even drive us mad. More often than not, whey they do drive us mad, we would yell or shout at them in anger & disagreement on whatever they do. Personally, I myself is no exception. And I hate & regret it after that...

Then, a friend of mine shared this article & I've practised it since...if not all, a few of it. So now I share it here for other parents to share. May it will help us in educating & bringing up our children to be a great little khalifahs, Insya Allah...

1. Breathe: Feeling like losing your mind? Inhale and exhale until you are fine. You may want to walk away from the scene. In Islam, we are also taught that if you started to feel angry, sit if you stand, lie if you sit. And put off the fire with water (wudhu).
2. Address the behaviour: When you’re teaching your children to ride their bikes, do you punish them when they don’t get it the first try? Of course not. You encourage them, support them, and give them guidance. The same goes to teach them what’s right and what’s wrong.
3. Mean business without being mean: tell them what you wanted them to do, firmly and with love.
4. Help your kids to understand their feelings: teach our children how to effectively express themselves by validating their feelings without validating their behaviour.
5. Have Clear Rules & Follow Through: Do not threat them. Show them the consequences of not following the rules.
6. Give praise for okay behaviour: Pay attention to your kids especially when they show good behaviour. Kids would do anything to get you focus.
7. A strong bond makes discipline easier: the closer you are to your child, the less likely your child is to act up, even though no child is perfect.
8. Put yourself in their shoes: No one loves to be yelled at. Kids have feelings too.
9. Good eating & sleeping habits: Kids will act up when they are hungry and tired. Keep well-balanced diet and good sleep. Parents included. Everybody will be happy when they are full and fresh.
10. We’re not perfect: To err is human. But do explain to your kids why do you yell when you have cooled down. Tell them that if they cooperate, so will you.
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It's been soooo long...

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Hope everybody is in the pink of health under HIS care & blessings amidst all the things that needs to be done.
Personally, I was quite occupied lately (which has driven her to quite stressful situations, especially at work)...& that was the main reason why was the blog remained silent. 

Anyway, now the situation is a little better so hopefully I can give some attention to update the blog on a more regular basis..

Though the blog was silent, it was all the opposite at the playgroup. We took part at the Smart Kids 2011exhibition in PWTC last month & as the aftermath, the playgroup now has already 3 groups ....yeayy....alhamdulillahhh....     

So starting from this Saturday, GROUP 3 is officially on board from 12.30pm - 1.30pm. We still have a few more spots to offer, so check us out to find out more...& bet you know who to call...     

Till then, may you guys are always blessed by HIS Almighty & take care...