Thursday, 29 March 2012

The month that will soon pass


Alhamdulilah, another month will soon pass & we at ALIMkids Wangsa Maju is going strong day by day, Insya Allah...:)

We managed to carry out two school holidays activities on 12th & 13th March for Cupcakes Fun & also Science + Craft for Preschool. The kids really had a whale of time, so did the teacher. You can have a look at the pictures on our FB page (ALIMkids Wangsa Maju).

We are also starting GROUP 3 for the playgroup that will be held on every Saturday, 12.30-1.30pm. You can also come for a trial first. Places are  still available, so call teacher Fiza to book yours, before you'll be dissappointed ;)

Besides that, we also have classes for mommies once in a while. May be this one would interest you...

So come & join us this will be a session that you will never regret insya allah :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Assalamualaikum & greetings to all,

It’s totally the opposite here as compared to our fanpage on FB for ALIMkids Wangsa Maju. All the updates are there – pictures, promotions & activities. Blame it on us as time is not always by our side to update both concurrently. And for that, thousand apologies…

So what is it exactly that we’ve been busy with? The Playschool is on for 3 times per week (Mon, Wed & Fri), 9.30am-12pm, 2 playgroup sessions soon-to-be-three back to back on Saturdays & also once-in-a-while weekend activities (for example Maulidur Rasul event & science camp for primary children in February).

As for this month in March, we have also outlined a few interesting activities for children & mothers as well. The followings are what we have in store in conjunction with the coming school holidays:

And right at the end of the month, insya allah there would be a hands-on bread making class for mommies. Details as follows:

In the meantime, our playgroup & playschool programmes are definitely on-going.

PLAYGROUP is a one-hour , weekend (Saturday) programme for mother & child. It is also a mom + child bonding time where they get to sing, play & do activities together. What makes it even more interesting is… the session is conducted mostly in English (by a certified & experienced TESL teacher) & using Islamic content (books & songs).

Meanwhile, our PLAYSCHOOL is specially designed for children age 3-5 years old that aims to get them ready for the preschool later. The syllabus emphasis on early writing + numeracy + alphabet recognition + phonic skills, on top with Islamic/pre KAFA content as to solat, wudhu’, Iqra’ & simple hafazan. All these are carried out through PLAYING with a little Montessori method incorporated.

So, that is basically it about what is going in ALIMkids Wangsa Maju. For more details, do check out our FB page, ALIMkids Wangsa Maju to keep up with the latest activities & announcements. And oh yesss… we do have interesting books for toddlers, preschoolers & primary kids as well. Come & pay us a visit soon to see for yourself what we have to offer.

Hope to see you at ALIMkids Wangsa Maju insya allah…:D

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hear ye…hear ye…ALIMkids Playschool would come to town…;-)

Yess…you hear it right. We are going to have the playschool as well besides the bookshop & the playgroup. The playschool will commence in February insya allah. So for those who are staying in Wangsa Maju & the nearby areas, do come to the preview to know more…

In this preview, we will brief about the fees, rules & regulations, aims & objectives as well as the syllabus. Kindly visit the blog if you want to get some insights about the playschool beforehand.

So should you feel like coming to any of the session, kindly call first to confirm. See you there!

Sessions on 7th January 2012

Alhamdulillah the session for the first group doing module 1 had successfully been carried out. I could see the expressions on their faces the first time they came – beaming with excitement anticipating new experience in their lives. And of course…mommies (& daddy) were there all along to give them full support.

So what did they do? They started off by introducing themselves using a ball (with mommy’s help). Then they sing, they read, they did their Me Flag & they got to know the first 2 alphabets.

Widad, Amy, Aiman & Izzat painting their palms & print it on a coloured paper before they sticked it onto a stick to make their Me Flag. There were 6 of them in this first session: siblings Nuqman & Widad, Amilyn, Aiman, Nabilah & Izzat. But teacher Fiza only managed to snap 4 of them..:-(

For the trial session right after, the responses were overwhelming. Some turned out without confirming with teacher Fiza first, so there were hiccups here & there before we could really start. THOUSAND APOLOGIES FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE & SHORTCOMINGS. But it was worth it in the end where the teacher could see many happy-and-not-shy faces anymore, alhamdulillah..:-)

Some of them…:-).They were supposed to pose with the spider they made but the spider was somehow couldn’t be seen…:-)

All in all, everything went well Alhamdulillah. May what we did for our kids today would be a very good investment for them when they grow up. And we at ALIMkids Wangsa Maju is just happy to do our part…;-)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mini Library @ ALIMkids Bookshop Wangsa Maju

Just wanna introduce you to the Mini Library at ALIMkids Bookshop Wangsa Maju...;-)

It's still very minimal but a very good start hopefully. If you have any preloved books that suitable for toddlers/preschoolers/primary/secondary children or even for parents, you may donate them here. May Allah reward you more & bless you always for your kindness...:-)

With this mini library, we aim to instill reading habit in the children. They can read Malay/English storybooks here, Islamic books, Reader's Digest, encyclopedias or read/learn along with the CDs (provided that they bring a laptop). Parents could also spend time reading together with them. For more pictures, do check out our fan page in FB (i.e ALIMkids Wangsa Maju).

So the next time you wanna go to Carrefour or Wangsa Walk, do check out our place as well. Who knows that later the trip to those hot spots would no longer be as interesting & exciting to your kids (& may be to you too!) than the trip to our mini library or the bookshop as a whole ;-)