Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mini Library @ ALIMkids Bookshop Wangsa Maju

Just wanna introduce you to the Mini Library at ALIMkids Bookshop Wangsa Maju...;-)

It's still very minimal but a very good start hopefully. If you have any preloved books that suitable for toddlers/preschoolers/primary/secondary children or even for parents, you may donate them here. May Allah reward you more & bless you always for your kindness...:-)

With this mini library, we aim to instill reading habit in the children. They can read Malay/English storybooks here, Islamic books, Reader's Digest, encyclopedias or read/learn along with the CDs (provided that they bring a laptop). Parents could also spend time reading together with them. For more pictures, do check out our fan page in FB (i.e ALIMkids Wangsa Maju).

So the next time you wanna go to Carrefour or Wangsa Walk, do check out our place as well. Who knows that later the trip to those hot spots would no longer be as interesting & exciting to your kids (& may be to you too!) than the trip to our mini library or the bookshop as a whole ;-)

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