Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sessions on 7th January 2012

Alhamdulillah the session for the first group doing module 1 had successfully been carried out. I could see the expressions on their faces the first time they came – beaming with excitement anticipating new experience in their lives. And of course…mommies (& daddy) were there all along to give them full support.

So what did they do? They started off by introducing themselves using a ball (with mommy’s help). Then they sing, they read, they did their Me Flag & they got to know the first 2 alphabets.

Widad, Amy, Aiman & Izzat painting their palms & print it on a coloured paper before they sticked it onto a stick to make their Me Flag. There were 6 of them in this first session: siblings Nuqman & Widad, Amilyn, Aiman, Nabilah & Izzat. But teacher Fiza only managed to snap 4 of them..:-(

For the trial session right after, the responses were overwhelming. Some turned out without confirming with teacher Fiza first, so there were hiccups here & there before we could really start. THOUSAND APOLOGIES FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE & SHORTCOMINGS. But it was worth it in the end where the teacher could see many happy-and-not-shy faces anymore, alhamdulillah..:-)

Some of them…:-).They were supposed to pose with the spider they made but the spider was somehow couldn’t be seen…:-)

All in all, everything went well Alhamdulillah. May what we did for our kids today would be a very good investment for them when they grow up. And we at ALIMkids Wangsa Maju is just happy to do our part…;-)

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